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The high resolution CBCT data of X-Mind® trium, gives me the most complete information on patient’s clinical condition at the lowest dose


ACTEON® range offers me high-quality instruments to carry out all the steps of the treatment


I can check the result of my treatments during a fast follow up visit, to ensure the satisfaction of my patients


Thanks to Newtron® ultrasonic device and dedicated tips, the retreatment is precise and successful

Step 01


X-MIND® trium TLD PAN 3D

CBCT, PAN - 3 in 1 Imaging Solution

X-MIND® Unity with Sopix Inside

X-ray Generator

AIS and AIS3DApp

Unique software solution for implant planning and surgical guide design

Pure Reflect® Mirrors implantology

Dental Mirrors

Step 02



A fluorescence intraoral camera for caries and periodontal diseases diagnosis

Sealite™ Regular KIT

Permanent Sealing Cement for root canals

Salvizol™ E.D.T.A.

Root canal irrigant

Pure Reflect® Micro-Mirrors

Dental Mirrors

Integral Endosurgery Kit

Hand Instruments for Endosurgery

Step 03


AIS and AIS3DApp

Unique software solution for implant planning and surgical guide design

X-MIND® Unity with Sopix Inside

X-ray Generator


The first simple and intuitive personal imaging plate scanner

Step 04


Newtron® P5XS B.Led

Versatile and powerful ultrasonic generator

Endodontics kits

Surgery kits

Desocclusol™ Orange

Solvent for eugenate root canal filling cements


“From diagnosis to treatment, ACTEON® devices and instruments assist me daily, in ensuring a successful outcome to my patients.”

Dr. Gorni, Italy – Endodontist

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