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Caries detection


SoproCare intraoral camera is the perfect companion for non-invasive and reliable caries detection, thanks to its fluorescent technology


I can provide the most complete diagnosis at the lowest dose to my patients thanks to my X-Mind® unity with Sopix Inside and the ACE technology


Thanks to Newtron® and Excavus tips, I can prepare the tooth surface even when the access is difficult by making minimal excavations and micro-abrasion without damaging the adjacent tooth surface and while preserving healthy tissues

Step 01



A fluorescence intraoral camera for caries and periodontal diseases diagnosis

Pure Reflect® Mirrors implantology

Dental Mirrors

Bliss® diagnostic kit

Essential instruments of dental diagnostic

Step 02


X-MIND® Unity with Sopix Inside

X-ray Generator

AIS and AIS3DApp

Unique software solution for implant planning and surgical guide design

Pure Reflect® Mirrors implantology

Dental Mirrors

Step 03


Newtron® P5XS B.Led

Versatile and powerful ultrasonic generator


Temporary filling cement


Disposable Tips for Air/Water Dental Syringe

Excavus Kit

Conventional Tips for minimal excavation and macro-abrasion

Pure Reflect® Mirrors implantology

Dental Mirrors


“With ACTEON® imaging and surgical instruments, my diagnosis is fast, and the treatment delivery time is shorter than ever.”

Dr. AL-Qudah, Jordanie – Dentist

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