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A panel including a software dedicated to patient management with a specific database

SYMBIOZ Master will allow you to go further in the surgery, control all your tower, control your patients data, and control your vision.

A system designed for the safety and wellness of our patients


Endoscopic Tower for Operating Room

A controlled flow to maintain the selected pressure, an instant display of available CO2, an external exsufflation to minimize cross-contamination and precautionary messages displayed directly on the screen, SYMBIOZ Flow offers comfort for both the patient and the surgeon.


Endoscopic Tower for Operating Room

The light is one of the most important element during surgery, in fact, optimum settings and brightness allow a fluid act and essential visual comfort. In this demanding and adaptability spirit, the COMEG teams have developed SYMBIOZ Led. Adapt the light according to your needs and enjoy bright surgeries!


Endoscopic Tower for Operating Room

The camera from the SYMBIOZ range is an important asset during surgery. Indeed, good visualization and comfort in the practice allow a precise and sure act.


Combined and Compact Endoscopic Solution

Intended for both the consulting and the operating room, DUO Full HD allows to take the first step between consultation and the surgical act. This 2-in-1 solution combines the control unit of a Full HD camera and a powerful led light source. An all-in-one convenient by its use, but also, by its small size.

This 2-in-1 solution combines the control unit of a Full HD camera and a powerful led light source.

Ubicart 150cm

Transportable Diagnosis System

Thank to its usability, Ubicart places you into the best working conditions to treat and diagnose your patient

Personnalize your consulting room cart

Operating room cart

Ergonomic, and completely adapted to the operating room

Easy to use, and customizable according to your needs, the COMEG cart will perfectly fit to your operating room environment.

Personnalize your operating room cart

SOPRO™ Imaging

This software is an important help for communication with my patients

Intuitive and ergonomic, SOPRO™ Imaging, developed by COMEG, is a software adapted to the daily practice of health professionals and which will accompany them in their diagnosis

An intuitive imaging software, allowing a complete follow-up of patients


Transportable Diagnosis System

This product has been designed to meet essential needs in the consultation: 0% disadvantage, 100% profits!

Small & powerful LED light source


Transportable Diagnosis System

Ubicam® has been specially developed for diagnosis applications

USB camera

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