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X-MIND® prime 2D

Compact CBCT, PAN

2D diagnosis is more accessible than ever with a smart and compact solution

Compact CBCT, PAN


The first simple and intuitive personal imaging plate scanner

Getting detailed images has never been easier with the first intraoral phosphor plate scanner. PSPIX² surpasses the limits of radiological examinations by offering greater differentiation of dental tissue. It provides a wide range of dental applications detecting also smallest details. It is the ideal solution for multi-room clinics with multi-user functionality.

Personal Imaging Plate Scanner


A fluorescence intraoral camera for caries and periodontal diseases diagnosis

Soprocare intraoral camera highlights caries and provide the most appropriate treatment for patients. It helps to manage any clinical decisions depending on the individual’s caries risk, preserving tooth structure. The autofluorescence improves the vision during clinical examination and expands diagnostic capabilities speeding up the decision-making process.

Caries Detector Aid Camera

AIS and AIS3DApp

Unique software solution for implant planning and surgical guide design

AIS is the dental imaging software of all the ACTEON imaging. It offers a complete toolset to support the practitioner and its patients throughout the whole clinical workflow: from data acquisition and management to the final treatment and during the followups. AIS seamlessly integrate in any environment thanks to its powerful network capabilities and PMS support.

Acteon Imaging Suite Software

X-MIND® prime ceph

Compact CBCT, PAN, CEPH – 3 in 1 Imaging Solution

X-MIND® prime ceph allows to extend the fields of clinical applications of the prime line to orthodontic analysis, improving diagnosis and treatment planning. The visibility of the anatomical landmarks is enhanced thanks to the high performance image filtering and the innovative 3D cassette guided-system allows ensures ease of use and reliability.

Compact CBCT, PAN, CEPH – 3 in 1 Imaging Solution

X-MIND® prime 3D

Compact CBCT, PAN – 3 in 1 Imaging Solution

From diagnosis to treatment, X-MIND® prime is the best companion for a wide range of clinical applications, combining panoramic and CBCT exams. It blends cutting-edge technology with ease of use in a compact design. Delivered with the smart ACTEON Imaging software, X-MIND® prime 3D is the essential tool for treatment planning and post-procedure follow-up.

Compact CBCT, PAN, CEPH – 3 in 1 Imaging Solution

X-MIND® trium TLD PAN 3D ceph

CBCT, PAN, CEPH - 3 in 1 Imaging Solution

Thanks to its modular design, X-MIIND® trium True Low Dose grows along with specialists needs, offering an all-in-one upgradable solution for PAN, CBCT and ceph imaging, in order to cover all the clinical applications. The device can be configured with the cephalometric arm on the right or on the left side of the system allowing it to fit comfortably in any environment. With our CBCT True Low Dose, gain real protection without compromising 3D image quality.

CBCT, PAN, CEPH - 3 in 1 Imaging Solution

X-MIND® Unity with Sopix Inside

X-ray Generator

The communication between the X-MIND® unity and Sopix Inside sensor provides unique benefits for the daily practice. A unique combination for long lasting high performances with the patented ACE technology that ensures the maximum protection for patients and performes high-quality images for an impeccable diagnosis.

X-ray Generator

X-MIND® trium TLD PAN 3D

CBCT, PAN - 3 in 1 Imaging Solution

X-MIND® trium True Low Dose is the optimal solution to reduce the x-ray dose up to 50% while ensuring high-quality images. Low Dose modality reveals the same anatomical details of the X-MIND® trium exams performed with the standard dose. It guarantees an highly reliable implant surgery planning thanks to the accuracy of the bone density assessment. With our CBCT True Low Dose, gain real protection without compromising 3D image quality.

The key tool to plan treatments and increase implant surgery success rate thanks to the accurate bone density assessment and an high image quality.

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