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Endo Success Retreatment kit

Conventional Tips for canal retreatement

Endo SuccessTM Retreatment Kit enables endodontic and canal retreatments. The specific Titanium-Niobium alloy of the ET25 tips range enables a perfect transmission of the ultrasounds and tip flexibility for an optimal result.


Conventional Tips for canal Irrigation

Irrigation files Irrisafe TM are used for irrigation once the canal has been prepared. With the different lengths, they can adapt to different canal sizzes and eliminate safely the smear layer, dentine debris, and bacteria from the root canal. More over, it has been designed to prevent the apex perforation or canal walls thanks to the blunt tip.

Endo Success Canal Access Prep Kit

Conventional Tips for access cavity preparation

Thee EndoSuccess Canal Access Prep tip kit is the perfect solution for locating and opening hidden or calcified canals and shaping and finishing the access cavity.

Excavus Kit

Conventional Tips for minimal excavation and macro-abrasion

Excavus® kit includes 5 diamented tips (76µm) specifically developed for minimal excavation and macro-abrasion. Excavus® tips provide excellent abrasion quality thanks to the regularity of their diamond coating for a safe caries treatment.

Perfect Margin Veneers Kit

Conventional Tips for Ceramic Veneers finishing

Made of 6 tips, this kit is specifically designed for the ceramic veneers finishing. The positionning of interproximal finishing lines with PMV2 and PVM3 tips enables to establish a rotational path of insertion for veneers. PMV4, PMV5 and PVM6 are polishing tips.

Perio Kit

Conventional Tips for periodontal treatment

1S, H3, H4L and H4R allow you to perform a periodontal treatment of the whole mounth in one session. The 1S tip is used for supra- and sub-gingival scaling. Specifically designed to access all the faces of the premolars and molars, H4L and H4R tips are curved to facilitate the practitioner treatement. H3 tip is used for the incisor-canine block.

Implant Protect kit

Conventional Tips for peri-implantis treatment and implant maintenance

Made out of pure titanium, this exclusive tips range preserves implant surfaces, allowing debridement of the implant abutment and wide threats safely. The black ring on the tip is an identification marker of this range of pure titanium tips.

Scaling Kit

Prophylaxis tips

Universal tip n°1 is used for supragingival tartar scaling. Thanks to the specifically developed design, with 1S and 10X tips you can perform a soft and comfortable treatment. Thiner than n°1 tip, 1S tip is designed for supra- and sub-gingival scaling. 10X tip is shaped for interproximal spaces. H3 tip is safe for initial periodontics treatment and you can descend in the periodontal pocket without risking any injury and the excellent cavitation will lift the debris out.


Surgical Tips for an accelerated orthodontic surgery

Piezocision TM kit allows the treatment of malocclusions with ultrasonic corcotomies. With the Piezocision TM tips, I perform a fast and minimally invasive surgery, flapless or sutureless. Bone stimulation by the micro-incisions accelerates the teeth movement for a orthodontic treatment 3 to 4 times faster (1).


Surgical Tips for safe bone block grafting

Made up of three saws and three scalpels, the Bone Surgery tips kit, is intended for bone block grafting as well as cutting, scraping, and remodeling bone structures safely, with no risk of soft tissue damage.

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