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Surgical Tips for a safe lateral sinus lift, with an excellent visibility

Thanks to the modulated ultrasonic vibration frequency, the risk of membrane damage is limited. The diamond-coated tips for window cutting are cooled by the sterile spray and avoiding tissue damage. The cavitation effect enables excellent visibility of the operating field.


Surgical Tips for internal sinus lift by crestal approach

The IntraliftTM kit has been designed for safe and fast internal sinus lift by crest approach procedures. The diamond-coated tips, of increasing diameters (from 1.35mm to 2.80mm), are designed to gradually drill and widen the access canal to the sinus membrane. The TKW5 II tip allows the membrane elevation by means of hydrodynamic pressure.


Surgical Tips for a progressive and atraumatic crest expansion

The Crest Splitting tips can smoothly enlarge the crest, avoiding the risks of bone breaking: osteotomies up to 8 mm of depth, buccal relief cuts in mesial and distal sides, progressive crest enlargement without trauma thanks to CS4 II, CS5 II and CS6 II conic tips. The placement of implant can be immediate or can be delayed after healing.


Surgical Tips for maximum bone preservation

LC tips separate the tooth from its attachment for a fast extraction. With Piezotome® Extraction Kit, you perform atraumatic extractions, preserving the extraction site (1) and alveolar bone for an immediate implant placement.

F.L.A.G. for B.LED

Dental plaque Discloser

Applied on teeth, F.L.A.G.TM for B.LED becomes fluorescent and discloses the dental plaque under the light of Newtron® Slim B.LED handpiece. The dental plaque is disclosed, allowing a precise treatment, less invasive for the patient.

MiniLED Standard

Fast, powerful and efficient curing light

A powerful curing lamp for a fast and safe polymerization. With MiniLED TM Standard, polymerize 2mm of any composite between 6 and 12 sec. Light (160g) and with a good grip, MiniLED TM Standard is comfortable and easy-to-use.

Curing light

MiniLED Ortho 2

Fast and efficient curing light dedicated to orthodontics

A curing light specifically designed for orthodontics, to cure in a few seconds from a few bracket to an entire quadrant at a time. With no UV, the heat is reduced for a maximum comfort and safety for the patient.

Curing light

Air-N-Go® easy

All-in-one airpolisher

With its double function handpiece, the airpolisher Air-N-Go® easy allows a supra- gingival polishing, and sub-gingival biofilm elimination, periodontal and peri-implantitis treatments, in a soft and efficient way for an improved patient comfort.


Piezotome® Cube

Ultrasonic Bone Surgery

With Piezotome® Cube, get the Gold Standard in surgery and give a new dimension to your dental office. Delicate procedures can be performed faster, without having to choose between maximal power and patient safety. The new generation of Acteon® piezoelectrical devices is a big path forward for atraumatic bone surgery procedures.

Ultrasonic bone surgery

Newtron® P5XS B.Led

Versatile and powerful ultrasonic generator

Versatile and with the large range of tips, with Newtron® P5XS B.Led you can perform a large number of procedures: scaling, endodontics, periodontics, implant maintenance, restorative and conservatice dentistry. Thank to the patented Newtron® tecnology, the performance is maximal and constant, and the treatment is fast and atraumatic for the patient.

Ultrasonic generator

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